Amplifying process improvement skill-and-will to achieve measurably improved results.

Your Challenge // Our Solution

Quality Issues

Are errors eroding your image, morale and bottom line? Is your team wasting valuable time double- and triple-checking work to avoid mistakes? We give your team the right quality improvement tools and training to build error-free scalability. MORE


Your Challenge // Our Solution

Continuous Improvement

Have your improvement projects become a vacuum that consumes funding without getting the right results? We harness the power of your team, amplify it and get them back in the improvement game. MORE


Your Challenge // Our Solution

Stubborn Thorny Challenges

Have you been handed the problem that never goes away and never gets better? We get everyone on the right track and create the fresh energy needed to find dynamic, workable solutions. MORE


Your Challenge // Our Solution

Integrate Systems and People

You’re ready to integrate — or it’s already happened — now you need to reap the benefits. We help you bring all the pieces together to create a streamlined organization that delivers a real ROI. MORE


Your Challenge // Our Solution

Overwhelming Workloads

Is new growth or expanding responsibilities bogging down your team and service levels? We help you increase capacity and morale by giving your people the tools they need to work smarter and drive operational effectiveness into the future. MORE


Your Challenge // Our Solution

Budget Cuts & Cost Pressures

Do you need to cut costs? Increase productivity without additional funding? By simultaneously aligning people while re-engineering processes, we can increase capacity while maintaining or even decreasing costs. MORE

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Getting You the Answers and Outcomes You Need

You need results. But something is blocking your team’s efforts.

Innovation gives your team the process improvement tools and training they need to deliver the results you need.

Why Do So Many Improvement Projects Fail?

Because most process management solutions don’t foster interior buy-in. We do it differently. Innovation starts with your team — the people who know your business best. We harness their power, amplify it, and get them back in the game.

We Give Your Team the Tools and Skills-and-Will to…

  • Define and untangle thorny issues.
  • Create a clear roadmap to your goals.
  • Deliver the results you need.
  • Create continuous process improvement.

A Roadmap to Success within 3 Months

Our customized process improvement services put complex service organizations back on track - driving toward their goals.

  • Measurably improved outcomes
  • On-time, on-target and on-budget results
  • Just-in-time answers to persistent gaps
  • Employees with the skills-and-will to succeed

Typical Results Our Clients Have Experienced.

For two decades, complex service providers have turned to us for the training, coaching and facilitation they need to improve their results and reach their goals.

"Innovation resources tackle projects that seemed nearly impossible." Operations Leader
"Staff are very happy working with Innovation. The training was quickly learned!" Technology Leader
That was a very uplifting meeting. It helped me to refocus and refresh myself to come back to work with a great! Not only that, I came away with at least two helpful hints and some people to follow up with! Thanks, again ~ you gals Rock!" Training Attendee
"Nice job. I received many positive comments from the attendees." Director of IT
"I am confident that the work we did will make this process more efficient than in prior years, and has laid the foundation for future opportunities." Director of Accounting